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About eMirror

E-MIRROR TV is a group of professionals, who have redefined the use of conventional TV screens and are dedicated to creating new innovative TV installation ideas that complement the interior design and align with the latest trends.

High tech solutions are the ultimate choice to integrate seamlessly both technology and style into daily life. Now you can combine superbly a glass surface with a TV screen, characterized by the total absence of gap between the Mirror image and the mirror surface, resulting in a crystal clear picture and a futuristic look. Nevertheless, you can also customize the look of your TV by choosing between mirrors and glasses, and selecting the color and pattern of the glass.

Years of experience in this domain have shaped our competence and proficiency and made us pioneers and leaders in the glass and mirror TV technology.

Whether to add a twist to your home decoration, or to boast a competitive elegant edge in your business, our glass and mirror TV solutions offer a dazzling, customized first long-lasting impression.

Our solutions are based on top-notch technology set suitable for homes, hotels, offices, spas, points of sale, elevators, and many other environments.

Our products are custom-engineered using a challenging technology that conveys images through mirror and glass surfaces.

Your vision is our e-television!