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Mirror TV

Mirror TV is a new concept of TV. It is not a conventional TV. It is an elegantly engineered combination of television and mirror. The TV is there only when you need it, otherwise there will be Mirror that complements your interior decoration. Furnishing your home usually involves the selection of a TV screen and assigning a specific space for it. Soon you will realize that a new TV model has been launched and that your TV, in which you have invested a significant amount of money, is no longer ‘à la mode’. Installing a Mirror TV is decorating your home with preemptive cutting-edge technology that will never fade out or be outmoded.

As such, you will not need to compromise your home decoration anymore to make a conventional TV screen fit and have it displayed even when you do not need it, and you will never have to replace your TV screen anymore for esthetic reasons.

When turned ON, you will see the image (active screen) area through the mirror, and when turned OFF the TV image area totally disappears and leaves you with a homogeneously harmonized mirror.

Mirror TVs can be installed on-wall as well as in-wall (recessed into the wall), hanged as a picture inside a frame of your selection, and even integrated inside your existing furniture where they can fit easily into the décor of your place and save space.

Customize Your Mirror TV

Mirror TVs can be designed and custom-engineered as per our customers' needs and requirements. With sizes ranging between 15" and 84", you can choose the size that best fits your décor and space. As for the mirror size, we can provide a maximum size of 3150mm x 2000mm in one piece.

The result is a smartly used impressive place where you can enjoy the beauty of luxury together with the advantages of modern technology.

Possible Applications Where You Can Enjoy The Luxury Of Mirror TVs

- Residential Segment: Living & Dining Rooms, Entrances, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Kitchens

- Hospitality: Lobby, Reception Area, Restaurants, Hotel Rooms

- Corporate: Beauty Salons, Spa, Fitness Centers, Companies, Offices, Conference and Presentation Rooms, Banks and Shops

- Elevators

Mirror Types

Key Features

Add your touch

Adding light to mirrors and glasses gives an enhanced touch of elegance and style especially for mirrors inside bathrooms.

You can add value to your mirror by decorating it with a standard or customized sandblasting design.
For an optimal audio experience, you can choose among the following types of loudspeakers:
- Invisible behind-the-mirror loudspeakers
- Ceiling loudspeakers
And optionally, you can also connect your TV to an external surround system or even your existing home theater or sound bar.


Refine your Mirror and/or Glass TV by adding a modern or traditional frame to it of your choice.

Innovative and modern drawings and texts help you create your own style. Add a unique design, color or pattern to your glass and show your guests that this artistic piece was manufactured specifically for you.

Shape and Size
The sizes and shapes of the glass and/or mirrors can be totally customized taking into consideration the size of the screen and the required mounting system whereby the minimum required size of the glass or mirror surface has to cover at least the size of the screen combined with the mounting system. The maximum size of the glass and/or mirror per piece cannot exceed 3150mm x 2000mm, while our screen sizes range between 15” and 84”.

Our glass and mirror TVs can be mounted on-wall, in-wall, in-floor, and perfectly integrated into the furniture.

Select the color of your glass and give us your selected RAL reference number and we will manufacture it in the color you have chosen. Colors apply only on Glasses and not Mirror.